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After a spectacular European Brass Band Championship ZIMIHC will keep to promote and support the wind music in Utrecht. Please check our agenda and other activities on this website.

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09 Mar

Utrecht Blaast Binnen - ZIMIHC

ZIMIHC presents together with the Utrecht Blaast network for the first time Utrecht Blaast Binnen: an event in the Grote Zaal of TivoliVredenburg where 10 Utrecht wind music orchestras present themselves.

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09 Mar

Canadian Brass - TivoliVredenburg

The brass quintet has existed for almost 50 years, founded in 1970 by two friends. They are one of the most popular brass ensembles of today and show you what you can do with two trumpets, a trombone, a horn and a tuba.

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20 Apr

EBK Tryout weekend - ZIMIHC

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01 Jun

Utrecht Blaast Buiten - ZIMIHC

ZIMIHC organiseert vanuit het programma Utrecht Blaast op 1 en 2 juni 2019 opnieuw Utrecht Blaast Buiten: een feestelijke presentatie van uiteenlopende blaasmuziekorkesten uit Utrecht stad en regio.

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Utrecht will be the hub for wind music in the Netherlands for the coming years. Three international events are connected by ZIMIHC to amateur artists from the wind music scene in Utrecht.

2016 ECWO, European Championship for Wind Orchestras
2017 WASBE Conference, World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles
2018 EBBC, European Brass Band Championships

We’re proud of the Zuilens Fanfare Corps!

We are really proud of the musicians of the Zuilens Fanfare Corps and De Bazuin Utrecht. Together they performed 5 evenings with Claudia de Breij in the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht. It was a big success!

Proud of O.B.K. Zeist

O.B.K. Zeist promotes wind music at RTL Late Night

On Monday, September 24, the Royal Harmony Society O.B.K. from Zeist was a guest at Twan Huys in his live show RTL Late Night. In a full studio, the orchestra played a part of 'Concerto d'Amore' by composer Jacob de Haan, one of the guests at the table.

Guests at the table of Twan Huys were the Dutch composers Johan de Meij and Jacob de Haan, two leaders from the HaFaBra world. Jacob de Haan won the Buma Classical Award this year, a popularity prize for the best-selling composer. Johan de Meij won that prize last year and celebrates several anniversaries this year (his 65th birthday and the 30th anniversary of his first symphony 'Lord of the Rings'). Works by both composers are world famous and are played by orchestras around the world. Yet the gentlemen are known to so few. Reason for Twan Huys to talk to them.

O.B.K. Zeist was invited to perform part of the best-selling work of Jacob de Haan Concerto d'Amore live in the studio.

Picture: Pim Kale


Douane Harmonie Nederland

With a free lunch concert, the Douane Harmony Nederland surprised visitors and residents of Utrecht.

The concert took place at the Domplein on Wednesday July 11th. The Douane Harmony Nederland, led by conductor Björn Bus, brought not only the harmony orchestra but also the drum band. They gave a fantastic concert.


P-bone workshops

Together with the Jeugdfonds Cultuur and 4 other partners, ZIMIHC presents the 'Blaas je Rijk' project.

'Blaas je Rijk' kicked off with p-bone workshops by Mr. P-bone himself: Mark Boonstra. The workshops where in line with other activities of Utrecht Blaast and ZIMIHC. The first was during the EBBC2018 in TivoliVredenburg on the 6th of May 2018, the second during Utrecht Blaast Buiten / Culturele Zondag Utrecht Central on 3th June 2018 in the Winkel van Sinkel.


Utrecht Blaast Buiten 2018

First edition of Utrecht Blaast Buiten in a sun-drenched inner city of Utrecht, a large audience was attracted. No less than 19 orchestras played for the bystanders on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June.

On the Stadhuisbrug, Domplein and the Hamburgerplein, various orchestras from Utrecht city and region gave acte de presence. From a real taptoe of the Dutch Fire Brigade on the Domplein to a mopping session of the Domkoppen right through the city center and a dazzling performance by the Royal Biltse Harmonie.
Utrecht Blaast Buiten was highly appreciated by both musicians and audience, so on to the first weekend of June 2019 for a second edition!

(photo: OBK Zeist)


EBBC 2018

From 28th of April till 6th of May 2018 the European Brass Band Championship 2018 (EBBC2018) took place in Utrecht in TivoliVredenburg. ZIMIHC organized this championship in close cooperation with the EBBA (European Brass Band Association).

An exciting competition, a spectacular gala concert, a wild brass party and an inspiring youth championship (EYBC) and a high-performing European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) were flanked by a fringe program in the city and in ZIMIHC theater Pillars. Winners were:
EBBC / Champion division - Valaisia ​​Brass Band (Switzerland)
EBBC / Challange division - Italian Brass Band (Italy)
EYBC / Premier section - Youth Brass 2000 (England)
EYBC / Development section - Wardle Academy Youth Band (England)
(photo: Valaisia ​​Brass Band, Goldy Solutions Ltd)


European Youth Brass band started

In the context of the European Brass Band Championships, ZIMIHC is organizing the European Youth Brass Band in collaboration with the European Brass Band Association: a projectorchestra with 36 musicians led by Ivan Meylemans.

The European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) took place from 28th of April till May 6. The orchestra performed 6 times, including at the official opening of the European Brass Band Championship on 4 May, on 5 May during the Liberation Festival (Park Transwijk, Utrecht) and during the European Youth Brass Band Championships on 6 May.

On the photo you see conductor Erik van de Kolk for the orchestra, he assisted in the auditions for the allocation of all members of the orchestra. Watch the video that the NOS made about the EYBB via https://youtu.be/tC89sBIayws


Inspiring Utrecht Brass Weekend

On the 28th and 29th of April, ZIMIHC organized the Utrecht Brass Weekend as a warm-up for the European Brass Band Championship 2018. Concerts, workshops, lectures and performances by Utrecht orchestras in the city center of Utrecht.

On Saturday Matthijs van Ganzewinkel (HOV) and René Ranzijn (CSC) gave inspiring lectures. Rik Mol and David Kutz both gave a workshop. The presenter of the afternoon was Ale Nicolai. Also the photo exhibition "I've got the music in me" by Maria Sujecka was opened.

The evening was dominated by a concert by Brassband De Wâldzang and Brassband Amersfoort.
Brassband Schoonhoven and Brassband Willebroek gave a concert on Sunday afternoon. The presentation of the concerts was in the hands of Lies Rubingh. On Saturday afternoon, a total of 160 musicians played on the Town Hall Bridge and on various boats on the Oudegracht.


Brassband and Bigband challenges each other.

Concert Utrecht Student Big Band and Brassband Oefening & Uitspanning showed a wonderful collaboration between two very different orchestras.

On April 7, 2018, the USBB and Brassband O & U from Wijk and Aalburg in ZIMIHC theater Stefanus the audience could experience the difference between brass band and big band and made clear how both orchestras can complement each other beautifully. Highlight of the evening was the arrangement of Daan Bogers for brass band and big band of the piece Car Chase, written earlier by Daan for the Metropole Orkest.
During other pieces, the orchestras took over the performance seamlessly and there was an exchange in soloists and singer. The program was composed by the conductors of both orchestras: Daan Bogers (USBB) and Anno Appelo (Brassband O & U).


Great start ticket sales

Within a few hours, the 800 combined tickets for the 41st European Brass Band Championships were sold out

On 1 February at 12 o'clock the ticket sale started, at 16 o'clock in the afternoon no combiticket was available anymore. The European championship takes place from 28 April to 6 May in Utrecht and is considered the most prestigious event in the European brass band sector. Combined tickets give access to five events within the championships. A number of these tickets will become available with the start of individual ticket sales on 1 March. These can only be purchased online via www.ebbc2018.nl.

Brass for Dummies

With the booklet "Brass for Dummies", ZIMIHC presents a touch of the veil about the fixed mores of the European Brass Band Championship (EBBC2018).

The book provides insight into the strict rules and strict regulations, the do's and don'ts of the brass band world, but also the fun that participants and audiences experience.

The first copy was presented to Mayor Jan van Zanen of Utrecht during the New Year's reception of the municipality of Utrecht. The booklet is (free) available at one of ZIMIHC's theaters in Utrecht.


New year reception is a great success

At the New Year's reception of the city of Utrecht, the project orchestra "Utrecht Blaast" performed under the direction of conductor Matthijs van Ganzewinkel.

The orchestra consisted of members of the five wind music associations from Utrecht : Zuilens Fanfare Corps, De Bazuin De Meern, Harmonie Orkest Vleuten, De Bazuin Utrecht and Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht. The orchestra accompanied the mayor while singing the Utrecht national anthem together with singer Rik Hoogland and then played the traditional Radetzki Mars.
Afterwards the mayor received the first copy of "Brass for Dummies".


Waldsang winner Utrecht prize NBK 2017

On Saturday 28 October Brassband De Wâldsang Buitenpost became Champion of the NBK 2017.

In doing so, the band acquired not only a place at the European Brass Band Championship 2018 in Utrecht, but also the Utrecht Prize. In addition to a special trofee, the Utrecht Prize is also the offer for a try-out concert in one of the ZIMIHC theaters in Utrecht with an expense allowance of €1000,00.

During the concert De Wâldsang will present both compulsory and free work. It is expected that the concert will take place on 28 April 2018 as the final piece of the Utrecht brass work conference.


WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival was a succes!

The WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival took place in Utrecht from 15 - 23 July 2017. With over 1500 musicians from all over the world, Utrecht was devoted to wind music for nine days.

With 14 concerts in TivoliVredenburg, 2 bootparades, 5 lunchconcerts in Jacobikerk and Janskerk, almost daily performances at the stadhuisburg and concerts in Castellum and ZIMIHC theater Stefanus the wind music was not to be missed in Utrecht. Musicians from Utrecht and the region but also from Ireland, Switzerland, America, Portugal, Hong Kong and many other avenues got a podium in Utrecht. The highlight of Utrecht wass the performance of the specially established WASBE Project orechstra conducted by Ivan Meylemans and with saxophonist Femke IJlstra as a soloist. For more information, visit www.zimihc.nl.


WASBE project orchestra in preparation

Especially for the WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival (15-23 July 2017) ZIMIHC presents the WASBE project orchestra in cooperation with 14 Utrecht associations. The orchestra is led by conductor Ivan Meylemand and receives saxophonist Femke IJlstra as a soloist.

The WASBE project orchestra is an idea of ​​the Utrecht wind band societies and was conceived during one of the networking events in Utrecht. The associations themselves recruit musicians for the orchestra. The orchestra is also open to musicians from outside the Utrecht region. A working group of representatives of 4 associations is in discussion with Ivan Meylemans for the composition of the repertoire.
Rehearsals are held at ZIMIHC theater Zuilen on 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 July.

The WASBE project orchestra offers two free accessible concerts (July 22, 2017 Jacobikerk and July 23 city hall bridge). The orchestra also participates in the workshop of Jan van der Roost in the official program of the WASBE Conference.


EBK try-out weekend succes!

On 22 and 23 April 2017 the EBK-try-out weekend took place for the second time in ZIMIHC theater Zuilen.

This time with concerts by Brassband Schoonhoven (champion of the Netherlands) and Brassband Breukelen and Brassband Buizingen (champion of Belgium) and Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht. Both champions played both the compulsory and the own choice of work they played a week later during the European Brass Band Championship in Ostend (Belgium).


Utrecht award NBK 2016 goes to Brass Band Schoonhoven

October 22 2016 the Utrecht award during the Dutch Nationals for brass bands was awarded for the second time. This time the price went to Brass Band Schoonhoven. Brassband Schoonhoven will represent the Netherlands during the European Brassband Championship 2017 (EBBC2017) in Oostende.

The Utrecht award is a cup and an invitation & expense of Euro 1000,- for a try-out during the weekend of Apil 22 -23 2017 prior to the European Brass Band Championship 2017 in Oostende.
Brass Band Schoonhoven won the NBK with conductor Ian Porthouse.


3-in-1 Concert

Thursday October 20 2016 a 3-in-1 concert took place at ZIMIHC theatre Stefanus Because of the visit of the VOP from Estland organized a concert together with the Gooisch Fanfare Orkest and the Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht.

The concert was a great opportunity to hear the differences between wind band, fanfare and brassband.
Two ensembles of VOP also played a lunch concert at the City Hall. Roelof Wittink (De Tegenwind) offered a lecture about the Catching Cultures Orchestra.


Ian Porthouse guest at Utrechtbrass

ZIMIHC creates a network of windmusic orchestras in Utrecht and around. We organize meetings and invite special guests.

On Tuesday October 18 2016 Ian Porthouse was our guest at an informal lunch meeting at ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen. Ian Porthouse is Director of Brass Band Studies at the Conservatorium in Birmingham and conductor of the Tredegar Townband. He spoke with Thijs Hazeleger (Zuilens Fanfare Corps), Robert de Bruijne & Arjan Gaasbeek (Harmonie Orkest Vleuten), Donja Hoevers (Brandweerharmonie), Erik Baas (Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht), Wolter Lommerde (ZIMIHC) and Martine Spanjers (ZIMIHC) about education finances, finding a balance between fun and competion and more.


Atelier Pfeiffer NBK Try-out

Brass Band Schoonhoven organised on October 15 2016 the Atelier Pfeiffer NBK Try-Out. for the second time this took place at ZIMIHC theater Stefanus.

Participants at the Dutch National Brass Band Championship (NBK) that take place a week after this try-out were able to present the obligatory work of the championships. Frans-Aert Burghgraef, assistant conductor at the Radio Philharmonisch Orkest commented afterwards on the performances.



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