WASBE International Symphonic Wind Music Festival & Fringe

Tickets WASBE 2017 concert program now available.

Between 18-22 July 2017 you can visit 10 concerts by 14 top wind ensembles from around the world in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands, only 25 min from Amsterdam. Also, a free fringe programme with lunchconcerts, pop-up concerts and two boatparades will be presented from 15-23 July in the mediaval city of Utrecht.

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Utrecht will be the hub for wind music in the Netherlands for the coming years. Three international events are connected by ZIMIHC to amateur artists from the wind music scene in Utrecht.

2016 ECWO, European Championship for Wind Orchestras
2017 WASBE Conference, World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles
2018 EBBC, European Brass Band Championships

Utrecht award NBK 2016 goes to Brass Band Schoonhoven

October 22 2016 the Utrecht award during the Dutch Nationals for brass bands was awarded for the second time. This time the price went to Brass Band Schoonhoven. Brassband Schoonhoven will represent the Netherlands during the European Brassband Championship 2017 (EBBC2017) in Oostende.

The Utrecht award is a cup and an invitation & expense of Euro 1000,- for a try-out during the weekend of Apil 22 -23 2017 prior to the European Brass Band Championship 2017 in Oostende.
Brass Band Schoonhoven won the NBK with conductor Ian Porthouse.


3-in-1 Concert

Thursday October 20 2016 a 3-in-1 concert took place at ZIMIHC theatre Stefanus Because of the visit of the VOP from Estland organized a concert together with the Gooisch Fanfare Orkest and the Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht.

The concert was a great opportunity to hear the differences between wind band, fanfare and brassband.
Two ensembles of VOP also played a lunch concert at the City Hall. Roelof Wittink (De Tegenwind) offered a lecture about the Catching Cultures Orchestra.


Ian Porthouse guest at Utrechtbrass

ZIMIHC creates a network of windmusic orchestras in Utrecht and around. We organize meetings and invite special guests.

On Tuesday October 18 2016 Ian Porthouse was our guest at an informal lunch meeting at ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen. Ian Porthouse is Director of Brass Band Studies at the Conservatorium in Birmingham and conductor of the Tredegar Townband. He spoke with Thijs Hazeleger (Zuilens Fanfare Corps), Robert de Bruijne & Arjan Gaasbeek (Harmonie Orkest Vleuten), Donja Hoevers (Brandweerharmonie), Erik Baas (Koninklijke Brassband Utrecht), Wolter Lommerde (ZIMIHC) and Martine Spanjers (ZIMIHC) about education finances, finding a balance between fun and competion and more.


Atelier Pfeiffer NBK Try-out

Brass Band Schoonhoven organised on October 15 2016 the Atelier Pfeiffer NBK Try-Out. for the second time this took place at ZIMIHC theater Stefanus.

Participants at the Dutch National Brass Band Championship (NBK) that take place a week after this try-out were able to present the obligatory work of the championships. Frans-Aert Burghgraef, assistant conductor at the Radio Philharmonisch Orkest commented afterwards on the performances.


Dutch Nationals wind music Soloists

On October 1 2016 the annual Dutch Nationals wind music Soloists organised by KNMO took place for the first time at ZIMIHC theater Zuilen.

ZIMIHC organised a modest fringe program at the shoppingmall Rokade near the theatre. At this locations were performances by Yvonne Sliphorst, Sjors Uitjens, Zuilens Fanfare Corps en het duo Albert Mensinga/Olva Savelkoel.


Concert LYWB & CYM Dance Band from Londen

Friday 22 July 2016 the London Youth Wind Band & Centre for Young Musicians Dance Band performed in Park Lepeleburg, Utrecht.

These two orchestra's are featuring children aged 10-18 from all over London. They play classical musici as well music from films or musicals. The orchestra's were in the Netherlands for a weekend of study and this performance was their final concert.


Challenge by New Cool Collective

Saturday 25 June 2016 during the brand new Festival Bombarie New Cool Collective presented a special performance at Jaarbeurs. Festival Bombarie is an initiative by ZIMIHC and Jaarbeurs and is a 4 day closing event of the national IkToon campane to promote amateur-arts in the Netherlands.

bout 70 amateur brassplayers from all over the Netherlands played together with the internationally famous New Cool Collective. They performed a special piece by Willem Friede. This performance was rehearsed earlier that day. Some of the participants also followed a masterclass that morning by Benjamin Herman.
Amateurs musicians also played some of the solo's.
Please check facebook for more pictures. http://ow.ly/YrzG301PBO2


ECWO fringe: big succes

During the ECWO / European Championship for Wind Orchestras on May 21 2016 ZIMIHC presented a fringe on 5 locations in the city of Utrecht. About 260 musicians of 12 different organisations joined this outdoor program. With their performances the made the city nearly blown away.

Friday open dress rehearsals were held by the participants of ECWO from Denmark and Norway. Sunday 22nd a Play-Inn was held by a local wind band. This day, also Amsterdam Brass & Brassband Schoonhoven did a concert, both with soloist Simone Rebello.
The ECWO itself took place in TivoliVredenburg on May 21st and was organised by ECWO and KNMO. On Friday 20st the IRTC (International Round Table Conference) about music eduction was held in Utrecht as a joined venture by KNMO, ECWO and WASBE.


“Utrecht Price” for winner NBK

"Utrecht Price" for the first time awarded during the NBK 2015 to the winner of the champion division.

This price includes an award and offer to perform in one of ZIMIHC's theatres as a try-out for the EBK (European Brassband Championship). For this performance there is an expense allowance of 1000,- euro available. The Utrecht Price was awarded to Provinciale Brassband Groningen.


NS Wind Orchestra on Central Station

During the NBK 2015 ZIMIHC organised a performance of the NS Wind Orchestra on the Central Station. A lot of people got acquainted with this beautiful orchestra and with the ambition of ZIMIHC to make Utrecht the hub of wind music in the Netherlands in the coming years.

The NS Wind Orchestra gave an amazing performance for an enthusiastic crowd. The beautiful new station hall turned out to be a good spot for events like this. We would like to use this spot more often!


Tredegar Townband at City Hall Bridge

During the NBK 2015 Tredegar Townband presented themselves at TivoliVredenburg. ZIMIHC tempted the band to perform on the street aswell. The musicians quickly got the locals from Utrecht excited.

Tredegar Townband is one of the most appealing brassbands from England. They offer an amazing show and know each time how to win over the crowd. In April 2015 ZIMIHC already talked to the band during the European Brassband Championship in Freiburg about the wish to bring them to the Netherlands. It is amazing how fast this succeeded.


Studio Pfeiffer NBK Try-out

On 7 November 2015 Brassband Schoonhoven organised the Studio Pfeiffer NBK Try-out at ZIMIHC's theatre Stefanus. Ten bands from different divisions showed the mandatory work of the NBK 2015.

Danny Oosterman gave after each performance a professional advice to the conductor and orchestra. With his input the orchestras still had one week to improve and finalize their performance for the NBK.


Utrecht Price for NK Soloists

In October 2015 KNMO organised the NK Soloists. For the first time the winners got a "Utrecht Price". Besides an award they get the opportunity to perform during the fringe program of the European Championship for Wind Orchestras on 21 May 2016. This fringe program is organised by ZIMIHC during the ECWO. The NK Soloists will perform in TivoliVredenburg.

The fringe program of the ECWO will happen on diverse places in Utrecht city. Musicians let their voices hear on the street, in the park and on the water. The soloists of the NK get a beautiful spot in the hall of TivoliVredenburg on the Rabo Open Stage.
(photo: FV Mediaproducties)

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K.O.Brass! meets Brassband Schoonhoven

On saturday 3 October 2015 the Topbrass concert Brass Virtuosi was organised by Brass Band Schoonhoven together with K.O.Brass! from the Kyteman Orchestra from Utrecht. The show was spectacular!

K.O.Brass! delivers a precise knockout punch by combining individual qualities and the diversity within the group.
Brass Band Schoonhoven is part of the best brass bands of the world and has been successful both national and international in the last years. During the concert all facets from the ''wind music'' were addressed, from quiet melodies till overwhelming fanfares, and from classic repertoire till improvisation, pop and jazz.


Brassband Breukelen at Uitfeest Utrecht

Each year Utrecht celebrates the start of the cultural season with the Uitfeest: a big overview of all cultural events happening in the coming season. ZIMIHC offers an overview of its activities at Park Lepelenburg.

In September 2015, ZIMIHC invited Brassband Breukelen to perform at the stage in Park Lepeleburg. They did a great and much appreciated performance so you will definitely meet them again in Utrecht.



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